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India: Iridescent Passages through the Soul

Before my trip to this incredible country, I had been warned with many negative ideas towards India and its people. But I’m the type of person who walks on earth with positive thoughts, not someone who always carries the whole world on his shoulders. So I’m always ready and happy to encounter any situations during my journeys.
The only caution when visiting India is that you might fall in love with this charming country immediately on your first arrival and you will long for it the next day after you return home. So apply for a multi-entry visa and prepare your next trips to India again and again!

Jodhpur The Blue Wonder

The road ahead leads to the hill with a huge iconic construction located on its top. It is Mehrangarh Fort, the most significant landmark of Jodhpur and one of the largest forts in India, which is visible in the distance from the outskirt of the town. It takes about 15 minutes when I approached the busy area considered to be downtown Jodhpur in front of the gate to the old city.
The car came to a near stop in front of the narrow gate. Measured by my eyes, it was impossible to drive through but with acquaintance, the driver could make his car pass through the gate to the other side of the wall easily. Inside the wall is the lively town square and marketplace named “Sardar Market” where local people dress in traditional multihued apparels getting out to meet and greet while some of them are busy trading at stalls located around the city’s clock tower. The area is composed with a large number of people and some cows gathering together in the square.

Jaipur Into the Pink Compound

Anish told me that the whole city was painted in pink to welcome the Prince of Wales who visited Jaipur in 1853. Since then, it has become a tradition to paint buildings in the city with pink color. To my eyes, the color is not that pink but it’s rather a reddy brown. I assumed the color had changed from its original shade due to several layers of repainting. Anyway, it is a beautiful city.

Agra A Majestic Love Engraved

At first, I intended to leave my luggage at the train station’s cloakroom so that I could travel around the city baggage free but when I disembarked the train at Agra Fort Station awkwardly standing in front of the sign board trying to find the platform number for my train to Delhi in the evening, I was approached by an Indian guy asking which train I was looking for. I told him my train number and departure time and he said that my train would arrive at Agra Cantt Station which is not this Agra Fort Station. That’s why I couldn’t find my train on the board.

Delhi Days Long of A Great Delight

Actually Delhi was a city for me to get a break from the trip. I would visit some remarkable places in the city, spending most of the time strolling around shopping sites and certainly getting some rest in my cozy room. That was a plan for me to follow loosely while I was spending my days in the metro city.

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